With the Nobel chemical Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler Prize in 1963 for his studies on catalysis aimed at obtaining isotactic polymers, the use of the plastics industry.
He received an extraordinary acceleration, so much so that manufacturers towards finding innovative solutions, which could create new products or improve the performance quality of the existing ones. In this challenging scenario, early 70s, Erwin Breitner, an Italian engineer of Austrian origin, realized first that the addition to the bitumen of a particular polymer (atactic polypropylene APP), would have resulted in a bitumen modified terrific in ensuring mechanical performance, aging resistance and flexibility when used in the manufacture of "für eine Isolierbahn Bauzwecke, insbesondere für Dacheindeckungen und dgl. Zum Aufkleben Aufschweißen oder auf einer Unterlage, mit einer Asphaltschicht und einer Verstärkungseinlage "(1) (trans." An insulation sheet for the building, in particular for roofs etc., By gluing or welding of a base, with a layer of asphalt and a reinforcing insert "). In practice, with his invention, patented in Stuttgart in 1975 (1), Breitner had given rise to the generation of polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane APP (2) armed, they would have revolutionized the waterproofing sector and representing today more than ever , after forty years, the reference point for construction professionals worldwide.

The "Asfalti Breitner" was the first great expression of the new era of prefabricated waterproofing membrane APP (2) for roofing. Thanks to the patent pending, Breitner fact it developed the entire production process, getting a great success in the creation and sale of machinery and industrial equipment for the manufacture of membranes themselves.
Over time, with the disappearance of the figure of Breitner, the company assumed the "Brai" name, in honor of the technical and scientific contribution of entrepreneurial genius who had marked the history.

From a brilliant idea and by the formula of a polymer perhaps the most unknown - the atactic polypropylene - began the great adventure of Brai; with a strong identity that since then has always distinguished, today Brai starts with commitment and enthusiasm, continuing to innovate and constantly contributed to the evolution of waterproofing and insulation systems for buildings.
Because it's in his DNA.

(1) Extract of original registration documents of the patent "Isolierbahn für Bauzwecke, insbesondere Dacheindeckungen" - Anmelder: Pittmann & Polenk, 7531 Tiefenbronn - Erfinder Breitner Erwin, Monza (Italien) - DE2520460A1 - reg. May 7, 1975 - (2) APP: Atactic Poly Propylene

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