"The purpose of architecture is to protect and improve human life on earth, to satisfy his belief in the nobility of his existence." (Eliel Saarinen)
This area is dedicated toTechnicians and Designers support on issues related to waterproofing of civil and industrial construction buildings.
There are available:
Read and downoload a technical documents of selected products for professional waterproofing with polymer bitumen membranes:
* Diamond, Top Quality Membrane designed for refurbishment
Updates for professional application:
* ColorGum 200, liquid waterproofing stagnation resistant 
* VaporStop, vapor barrier membrane reinforced with an aluminum support pre-coupled with prefabricated reinforced polyester  
Through the Contact Form you can submit to the Staff of Technical Assistance Service (T.A.S.) any question about waterproofing application.
Brai Designers propose a specially customized solution depending on project characteristics.
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