Gold Bridge

Gold Bridge
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  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Product Classification → Special Application
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Compound → APP - APAO
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Exercise Range → -15°C ; +130°C
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Reinforcement → Polyester TR (maximum strength)
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Bottom/Top Finish → Torchable polymer non-stick / Sand

Professional polymer bituminous waterproofing membranes for bridges and viaducts

GOLDBRIDGE TR membranes are formulated with selected distilled bitumen combined with Olefin and special plastomer polymers.

The optimal balancing of polymers perfectly dispersed in the bitumen leads to a compound with high thermal stability (-15°C/+120°C), which, together with an exceptional elastic behaviour, ensures constant characteristics of GOLD BRIDGE TR in time, offering excellent resistance to thermal cycles, chemical attacks and ageing caused by UV rays.

GOLD BRIDGE TR waterproofing membranes are reinforced with a high grammage non-woven polyester stabilized with glass fibres in order to ensure excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.

GOLD BRIDGE TR membranes are CE certified in accordance with UNI EN 14695: 2010 - "Flexible waterproofing membranes - bituminous membranes reinforced for waterproofing concrete bridges and other concrete decks subject to traffic": allow professional installers and engineers to offer high quality solutions for concrete decks and surfaces with asphalt finish and vehicles traffic decks.

GOLD BRIDGE TR are particularly indicated for special works such as railways network which require high adhesive properties and durable performance in time, thanks to its excellent mechanical resistance under heavy duty traffic.


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