Gold 18

Gold 18
  • CE
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Product Classification → Professional Plastomeric
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Compound → APP - Elastoplastomer
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Exercise Range → -15°C ; +130°C
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Reinforcement → Polyester GR (great resistance)
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Reinforcement → Polyester HR (high resistance)
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Bottom/Top Finish → Torchable polymer non-stick / Sand
  • » Polymer Bituminous Membranes → Bottom/Top Finish → Torchable polymer non-stick / Mineral self-protection

Professional plastomer polymer bituminous waterproofing membrane


GOLD 18 is a waterproofing membrane formulated with selected distilled bitumen combined with Olefin Polymers (terpolymers) and Plastomer Polymers. 

The optimal balancing of polymers, perfectly dispersed in the bitumen, produces a compound with high thermal stability (-15°C/+120°C) which, together with an exceptional elastic behaviour, ensures that characteristics of GOLD 18 membranes remain constant in time, offering excellent resistance to thermal cycles, chemical attacks and ageing caused by UV rays.

GOLD 18 waterproofing membrane is reinforced with a non-woven polyester continuous filament support stabilized with glass fibres, that ensures excellent resistance to static and dynamic mechanical or thermal stress.

The wide range of GOLD 18 includes waterproofing versions with self-protecting mineral slate finish (available in different colours). The excellent performance/quality ratio allows designers and professional to choose the best solution for waterproofing foundations, under heavy protection, and for double layer systems. It may be mechanically fixed or installed as finishing layer in case of repairs, applying GOLD 18 directly on the existing waterproofing membranes with slate finish.

GOLD 18 membrane is the perfect choice for waterproofing roofs subject to significant static and dynamic stress (prefabricated concrete, metal or wooden structures) and for hot roof applications, where the membrane is laid over thermal insulation panels, including thick panels, or to repair existing roofing.


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