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Professional plastomer polymer bituminous waterproofing membrane

DIAMOND is a waterproofing membrane formulated with selected distilled bitumen combined with APAO Olefin Polymers. Excellent adhesion and thermal stability (the best on the market -30°C/+150°C), together with outstanding elastic behaviour, ensure that DIAMOND membranes preserve their characteristics over the years and guarantee excellent resistance to thermal cycles, chemical attacks and ageing caused by UV rays. These characteristics make DIAMOND the perfect solution for waterproofing civil engineering, industrial and military structures.

DIAMOND is a waterproofing membrane reinforced with a non-woven continuous filament polyester support stabilized with high grammage glass fibres ensuring excellent resistance to static and dynamic mechanical or thermal stress.

The range of professional plastomer polymer bituminous membranes DIAMOND offers  professional installers the best solution for waterproofing of single or two layer systems and may be mechanically fixed or glued (using the relevant non-stick TNT polymer bottom finish). DIAMOND membranes may also be used for waterproofing under heavy protection and as top layer, even in case of repairs, and are applied directly over the existing waterproofing membranes with slate finish.

DIAMOND membranes are the ideal choice for waterproofing roofs subject to significant static and dynamic stress (prefabricated concrete, metal or wooden structures) and for hot roof applications, where the membrane is laid over thermal insulation panels, including thick panels. This product may also be used to requalify, repair and restructure existing roofing, even in case of roofs with photovoltaic panels.

The adhesive performing  properties of this compound and its excellent ageing properties guarantee the good practice installation (loose laid, partially bonded, fully bonded, with or without nails or rivets).


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